100 Things Suitable for Couples to Do (26-50)

26. Take a stroll while holding hands
27. Go grocery shopping, cook, and wash dishes together
28. Take a hot air balloon ride together
29. Share a kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel
30. Have a watermelon eating contest using spoons
31. Go to the beach together
32. Stay up all night on New Year’s Eve.
33. Drink and chat about each other’s lives and stories
34. Read a book together
35. Ride bicycles together
36. Watch movies or TV shows together
37. Attend a concert together
38. Take a bubble bath together
39. Take couple photos together
40. Participate in a marathon together
41. Play video games together
42. Complete a 1,000-piece puzzle together
43. Visit a church together
44. Eat ice cream together
45. Watch fireworks together
46. Go stargazing on a rooftop together
47. Write postcards together
48. Go ice skating together
49. Fly kites together
50. Buy a lottery ticket together

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