100 Things Suitable for Couples to Do (51-75)

51. Go fishing together
52. Release sky lanterns together
53. Pray together at a temple
54. Admire the moon together
55. See cherry blossoms together
56. Take a romantic stroll in the rain
57. Swing on a swing set together
58. Go rowing together
59. Have a buffet together
60. Collect autumn leaves together
61. Play claw machines together
62. Play balloon dart games together
63. Pet cats together
64. Go grocery shopping for snacks together
65. Look through each other’s childhood photo albums
66. Eat roasted sweet potatoes together
67. Grill meat skewers and drink beer together
68. Go on a picnic in the park together
69. Sunbathe together on the lawn
70. Pick out lingerie together
71. Let’s go watch a stand-up comedy show together
72. Let’s go study at the library together
73. Let’s watch a horror movie together
74. Let’s go to an art exhibition together
75. Let’s go bungee jumping together

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