100 Things Suitable for Couples to Do (1-25)

  1. Watch the sunrise or sunset together.
  2. Go singing at a karaoke bar.
  3. Wear matching outfits and go shopping.
  4. Visit an amusement park.
  5. Explore a haunted house together.
  6. Go camping in the great outdoors.
  7. DIY a cake together.
  8. Try your hand at pottery-making.
  9. Make hand molds of each other.
  10. Play cards together.
  11. Make handmade jewelry together.
  12. Take silly photos at a photo booth.
  13. Try out new drinks at a bubble tea shop.
  14. Check out a trendy dessert place.
  15. Play the game “Werewolf” together.
  16. Go kart racing.
  17. Hit up a badminton court.
  18. Visit your old schools together, from elementary to college.
  19. Volunteer or do charity work together.
  20. Go river rafting.
  21. Build a snowman together.
  22. Go swimming together.
  23. Exercise together.
  24. Go hiking together.
  25. Visit a zoo together

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