Tips for Dating: Quickly Improve Your Relationship


Dating is a necessary process in a relationship before it is officially established. If done well, it can quickly bring two people closer and even directly establish a romantic relationship. If done poorly, it can even destroy the previous attraction and lead to a stalemate. Before a date, all the chats can be seen as just a prelude. If a girl agrees to go out with you alone, then it is a date, and she has some fondness for you, giving you a chance.

As a man, you must take advantage of the opportunity of a date to quickly bring the relationship closer, so as not to have too many dreams with too long a night. When going on a date, you must go with this purpose in mind. Otherwise, dry chatting, eating, and walking on the street will end the date, and the girl may not even want to go on another date with you later on.

Today we are going to share the skills needed in a date to help you quickly bring the relationship closer, and even establish it. We hope that all male friends can learn from it and achieve a beautiful love.

1.Prepare for the date

There is usually a theme for a date, such as watching a movie, shopping, sightseeing, or buying things. Therefore, you should plan out the whole day, such as the time, place, method, where to meet, how long to stay, where to eat, etc. It is best not to decide everything on the spot because although the plan may not keep up with the changes, planning can make the woman feel that you are responsible and trustworthy. Secondly, prepare some small gifts according to the situation, such as a bouquet of flowers, a small toy, or a small pendant. If it has the elements that she has mentioned before, it would be even better.

2.Compliment the other person when you first meet

After meeting, compliment the girl on her dressing, hairstyle, accessories, etc., preferably with detailed compliments that appear more sincere. If you really don’t know what to say, just say straightforwardly, “Your outfit is really beautiful today,” or “Wow, you look beautiful again today.” Compliments at the first meeting are easier to accept, and the girl’s carefully prepared appearance also needs recognition, which will make her start the day with a good mood.

3.Take the initiative during the date

During the date, you should show that you are prepared, rather than having her take the initiative all the time. You can give her choices and let her make decisions, but you cannot completely leave everything to her. Remember, no matter what your purpose is for this outing, she should feel that you are leading her. Taking the initiative during a date can give a woman a sense of security and dependence, which is very important.

4.Consider the other person’s feelings

In other words, don’t be too assertive or dictatorial. You are here for a date, not a war. Bringing the relationship closer is the real purpose of this outing. Therefore, men should be more attentive, pay attention to the girl’s state, and consider whether she is uncomfortable in any way, such as sweating too much, catching a cold, needing rest, or needing to drink or eat something. Observe more and care more, so that she can feel your thoughtfulness.

5.Create ambiguity to bring the relationship closer

The above are all details that increase her fondness for you invisibly, but if you want to quickly bring the relationship closer, it is not enough. You need to create ambiguity, not with the goal of bringing the relationship closer…

When it comes to date activities for couples, there are plenty of options beyond just eating out, shopping, and watching movies. Today, we want to recommend 100 fun things for couples to do on a date.

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